The Brownstone From Breakfast at Tiffany’s Sells for $7.4 Million!

40501061_sIn recent brownstone news, it turns out that the brownstone that was featured the in iconic 1961 Audrey Hepburn film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” has just been sold for a whopping 7.4 Million dollar payday.

The film, which was based on Truman Capote’s popular novel (also entitled Breakfast at Tiffany’s) won 2 academy awards, and has since gone on the achieve cult status. People still talk about this movie all the time, and my wife keeps leaving the LOGO channel on cable (that’s the LGBT channel) and they keep showing that movie over and over again so I think it must be very popular within that demographic as well.

It kind of makes sense. I mean Audrey Hepburn was a total babe in that movie. She was so feminine. Honestly I think that women who are looking for a husband, and have trouble finding one, would be well advised to study Hepburn’s character “Holly Golightly” and try modeling her behavior. This sort of classic femininity, is surly lacking in today’s modern society.

Now before I get a pack of blood thirsty feminist chasing after me for handing out free advice on how to get a man, I must point out that I am also quick to offer men advice on this same topic of mate selection and procurement. Indeed, there’s a website I highly recommend for men looking to improve their success with not only Forex trading and personal development, but with their dating skills as well.

But I’m getting off topic here. The point is brownstones are iconic buildings, just like Breakfast At Tiffany’s is an iconic film, and Audrey Hepburn is an iconic actress. And, I think that we can all improve our success in life, business, and romance by embracing these sorts of icons and incorporating them into our lives to the best of our abilities.

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